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Shiver Me Timbers Charity Anthology *Signed Paperback*

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"Such a great anthology!"
"Must Read!"
"Who doesn't love strong, female pirates?"

Come aboard for adventure with this Charity Anthology!

Set sail on the high seas with eight different tales of swashbuckling and scallywags. Whether in the Caribbean, far off seas or even in outer space, these captains give no quarter.

- When Captain James Spark is returned to the court of the woman he once loved and learns a shocking truth, he'll stop at nothing to protect the daughter he never knew he had.

- All Alyssandra Burnet wanted was safe passage to her ailing father’s side, even if that passage came from the likes of Capt. Colin Slade—the most unorthodox, infuriating pirate she could imagine. She never counted on Slade being the key to finding out who she really was and finding the family she’d been hidden from since birth—the family she never knew existed.

- Lyra wants to escape her domineering father and find freedom among the stars. Drake wants to live up to his father’s legacy as captain of the infamous Shadow Nebula. When Lyra seeks passage from him, her past hot on her heels, Drake has no choice but to help her—and gets more than he bargained for.

- Thrust into a life at sea by circumstance and fueled by a need for revenge, the infamous Fog Queen returns to London to claim her treasure.

- Roen was just supposed to get the map to the dragon's treasure and go, not fall in love with the owner of it.

- Nickolas is a pirate with no wish to be anything else, Elizabeyta is a mystery he must solve. It takes an old pirate to teach them a lesson in what is truly a treasure.

- Rosina Nightshade has been given a special mission by her father, the king of the pirates—all she has to do is hold the Duke of Crescent Moon for ransom. Will she finally gain her father's gain approval, or will the suspecting duke send her straight to the gallows?

- When Captain Ansley Grace sails into port, she doesn't expect the king's assassin to be waiting on her--an assassin that she's known her whole life. Now, escaping out to sea, she must evade the king's ships while trying not to fall for the man sent to kill her.


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