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Fiona Starr

Shadow Promise (Academy of Elemental Magic #3) (EBOOK)

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My enemies’ strength comes from working in the shadows. I am about to drag them into the light.

The hits just keep coming.

I’ve managed to survive yet another attack while at Stormwood Academy, but this time, they went after me and my men, and we know there's more to come. Trouble is, we have no idea who "they" really are, which means we're hiding in plain sight, and everyone suddenly looks like the enemy.

Once upon a time, all I wanted to do was survive. That's taken on a whole new meaning now that I am a party of five. My men and I have chosen each other above everything else. We're determined to root out the evil that poisons the magical community once and for all.

But, like everything in life, it comes at a price.


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The Academy of Elemental Magic series:

Hidden Power

Forbidden Bond

Shadow Promise

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