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[PRE-ORDER] Hard Steele (The Hard Knock Series #4)

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[PRE-ORDER] - Releasing Q3 2024 -

Steele, an enigma in the cage and out, is known for his stoic presence and impenetrable facade. A fighter not just by profession but by nature, he's built walls no opponent could breach – until he meets Samantha, a vivacious sports reporter tasked with uncovering the man behind the myth. Steele's life, always fought in solitude, is suddenly illuminated by the persistent glow of Samantha's curiosity and charm.

At Hard Knock Gym, Steele trains, a silent sentinel harboring deep scars and secrets. Samantha, undeterred by his cold exterior, slowly chips away at his defenses, seeking the story of a lifetime. But what she finds is a man battling not just for titles, but for a sense of self, a man who's known victory in the ring but never in love.

As Steele prepares for the biggest fight of his career, he's also fighting a growing attraction to Samantha, whose bright world threatens to penetrate his shadowed existence. Their connection challenges Steele's lone-wolf life, offering him a chance at a happiness he'd never dared to dream of.

Hard Steele is a tale of revelation and romance, where the toughest armor might just yield to the gentlest touch. It's a story of a man who's fought for everything, only to discover that the hardest fight might be opening his heart to love.


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