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[PRE-ORDER] Hard Money (The Hard Knock Series #2)

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[PRE-ORDER] - Releasing Q2 2024 -

In the world of mixed martial arts, fame and fortune can be as fleeting as a knockout punch. "Money", once the golden boy of the MMA circuit, learns this the hard way. Fallen from grace and grappling with a career-ending injury, he's left fighting the toughest opponent yet – life itself. Broke and broken, Money finds himself at Hard Knock Gym, a place where last chances are given and taken.

Enter Leah, the fiercely dedicated manager of the gym, who sees potential in the downtrodden fighter. She challenges Money to trade his pride for a trainer's towel, mentoring a new generation of fighters. Among them is a young, ambitious prodigy who mirrors the passion and recklessness Money once had.

As Money teaches the art of the fight, Leah teaches him the art of life. Through her, he discovers that true wealth isn't counted in dollars but in moments of genuine human connection and second chances. As they work to save the gym from financial ruin, a spark ignites, offering Money a chance at a different kind of richness – love and family.

But old habits die hard, and the allure of his former life beckons. Will Money choose the fleeting lights of fame, or will he fight for the more enduring wealth found in Leah's arms and the respect of those he mentors? Hard Money is a gripping tale of redemption, where the most important battles are fought outside the ring, and victory means more than just a win.


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