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[PRE-ORDER] Hard Chase (The Hard Knock Series #6)

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[PRE-ORDER] - Releasing Q4 2024 -

At Hard Knock Gym, a new contender steps into the spotlight: "Chase", a young and talented fighter with a rough past and everything to prove. With raw talent and a chip on his shoulder, he's the embodiment of the gym's underdog spirit. But beneath his tough exterior lies a turbulent history that threatens to undermine his potential. Chase's journey to redemption is complicated by his reluctance to trust and a stubborn pride that often lands him in trouble.

Enter Mia, a local dance instructor with a gentle spirit and a keen eye for the beauty hidden in chaos. Her path crosses with Chase's in a flurry of color and emotion, offering him a glimpse into a world far removed from the violence and aggression of the ring. Mia sees the art in Chase's fight – the dance, the rhythm, the raw expression of human struggle.

As Chase navigates the brutal path to becoming a champion, Mia becomes his unexpected muse, showing him that strength comes in many forms, and the hardest battles are fought within. Her presence in his life challenges him to confront his past, embrace vulnerability, and open his heart to the possibility of love.

Hard Chase is a story of transformation and tenacity, a tale of a young fighter learning to channel his inner turmoil into strength. It's about finding beauty in the fight and love in unexpected places, a narrative that speaks to the courage it takes to change one's destiny.


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