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[PRE-ORDER] Hard Blade (The Hard Knock Series #1)

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In the gritty underbelly of the city stands Hard Knock Gym, a haven for fighters who've hit rock bottom. It's here that "Blade", once a revered name in the MMA world, seeks refuge from a past that haunts him.

Blade, known for his lightning-fast strikes and unyielding spirit, now grapples with shadows not even the brightest ring lights can dispel. But when a fierce addiction threatens to knock him out for good, he finds an unlikely savior in Zoe, a spirited physiotherapist with demons of her own.

Zoe sees beyond the scars and the stories the tabloids sell. She sees a man fighting against odds harder than any opponent in the ring. As Blade trains for a comeback that could be his last, Zoe becomes his anchor, challenging him to face his fears and embrace a love he never believed he deserved.

But with his past lurking in every shadow and trust as fragile as a dream, can Blade conquer the battles within and rise once more? Or will his demons pin him to the mat, leaving his heart—and his life—in peril?

Hard Blade is a tale of redemption and resilience, a story that weaves through the sweat-soaked mats of Hard Knock Gym. It's a journey of a fallen hero and a woman brave enough to stand in his corner, a testament to the power of love in the merciless world of MMA. In this fight, it's more than a championship at stake—it's a chance at a life reborn.


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