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Off Beat: Nine Spins on Song *Signed Paperback*

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*Paperback: Signed by Corinne O'Flynn*

⭐️ Winner: CIPA EVVY 2017 1st Place for Best Anthology!
⭐️ Winner: CIPA EVVY 2017 Merit Award

Inspired by favorite songs, nine fantasy and science fiction authors spin tales of adventure, intrigue, mystery, and horror.

A boy follows his girlfriend's suicide note to its disturbing conclusion.
A man must pass on an ancient curse of immortality before his time finally runs out.
Two lost beings fight for life, for each other, and to find a way home.
A serial killer from the future, banished to present day, must control her homicidal urges in order to survive.
A thief and a sex worker find their paths unexpectedly entwined in ways that threaten both of their lives.
For a caged girl, one hand gives, but the other takes away all she's ever known.
To gain their freedom, quarreling townsfolk must find a way to cross a bottomless ravine.
A man interrupts a monster at work and is determined to entertain the creature long enough to stay alive.
When his father's ghost appears, a businessman is forced to reflect on his life.

The Wicked Ink Books Anthology Collection:

1. Tick Tock: Seven Tales of Time
2. Off Beat: Nine Spins on Song
3. Dead Night: Four Fits of Fear


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