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Cursed Souls (Society of Ancient Magic #4)

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They say two’s company and three’s a crowd… nobody was prepared for a fourth.

We thought destroying Damon meant the end of our vampire problem, but with the return of Tobias, we’ve got one living right under our roof. Add to that the souls of those missing students—they call to me at all hours. We assumed they were dead and gone, but they are still here, and I have no idea what they want from me. All I know is by helping them I help Tobias, and time is running out.

The return of Van’s twin is not exactly the joyous occasion one might imagine. After all these years apart, the four of them need time to reconnect, but that doesn’t do anything to quell the pull I feel every single time I look at Tobias. If there’s a solution to this, it’s just beyond my reach. I thought my heart was full with the love of three men, but it seems there’s room for more—if only he felt the same.

The hunt for the wolves continues, and fighting between the factions within the Society of Ancient Magic is reaching a fever pitch. The danger to all I hold dear has never been more apparent, and don’t get me started on what’s left of my family.

I’ve never been so unsure about the future, and I am afraid I won’t be able to save them all.

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"I can't get enough of Joely and her men!"


"So many twists and turns!"


"Amazing series!"


Society of Ancient Magic is a 6-book reverse harem paranormal romance series which features witches, vampires, wolves, ghosts, steamy scenes, language, and death. This book is not a standalone. Mind the cliff!

Reading Order:
Dark Arts
Over Hexed
Witch Wars
Cursed Souls
Broken Spells
Magic Reclaimed


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