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Blazing Hot Mountain Man (Blaze Family Romance #16)

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Fake it til you make it, right?

That’s Holly Evan’s motto this Christmas. Her latest romance has fallen apart, as they all do, she’s not feeling her passion for her DIY social media platform any longer, and all she wants to do is run away from everything. When the chance to interview Kieran Blaze, a private and elusive carpenter in the mountains of Colorado falls into her lap, she jumps at the chance. Anything’s better than what she’s got right now.

Kieran Blaze wants nothing to do with the outside world. After years of war and loss, he’s happy in his small mountain workshop nestled deep in the woods. His family keeps trying to pry him out, but everything in him resists. It’s better that he keeps his distance; when you don’t make connections, no one gets hurt. But when Holly Evans arrives, she’s his opposite in almost every way. She threatens his safe little bubble and turns his entire world upside down.

If he’s not careful, she’ll carve a place in his heart.

* * *

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