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Blazing Hot Jock (Blaze Family Romance #10)

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Charlie Blaze made my heart flutter that first day at freshman orientation. Two years later, I’m still content to admire him from afar, no matter what sordid fantasies I write in my diary. He’s tall and athletic—the consummate jock, complete with cocky friends and the requisite cheerleader girlfriend. When he comes to my library to work, he’s witty and kind, and I’m pleasantly surprised. But just when I think there’s more to Charlie than meets the eye, he shows me he’s like all the rest.

Guys like Charlie Blaze don’t belong with girls like me.


There is something special about Violet Duchenne—it was obvious from the moment I laid eyes on her. But no matter how hard I try to get her attention, it’s clear she wants nothing to do with me. When my research project brings me to the library where she works, it seems I got her all wrong. She’s smart and funny, and she sees me in a way no one else does. Trouble is, the rest of my life isn’t on board—and that’s been made painfully clear to her.

Girls like Violet Duchenne don’t go for guys like me.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I've got a sexy new shorty
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