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Blazing Hot Getaway (Blaze Family Romance #4)

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Sun, sin, string bikinis... everything's going down!

"Get your butt down here and help me manage this bar!"

My sister's call couldn't come at a better time. I am at loose ends for various reasons and nothing sounds better than a month in Cancún during Spring Break. Nothing, that is, until Bridget Blaze—who looks like a goddess come to life—wanders into my bar.

She's here to work… just like me, but the attraction between us is so hot we find ourselves throwing off our obligations almost as fast as we throw off our clothes.

It doesn't take long to realize she's way out of my league. She's got it all together, a plan, a career, and no room for a guy who's still figuring things out.

She's got it all, where do I fit in?


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