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Fiona Starr

Awakened by Wolves (Shifter Moon #2)

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I feel like Goldilocks and the Three Wolves, except one is grumpy, grouchy wolf, one is tender, happy wolf, and one is strong, silent wolf who already has my heart. 

Once upon a time, I thought getting free of my mafia boss captor was all I could ever want in the world, but that was before I met these three wolves.

Before Jason. I don't know what it is about this wounded, hulking, quiet man, but all it took was one look and now it feels as though our souls are linked.

Before Noah. He is so sweet, and even though he doesn't believe Jason's words that I'm the one—whatever that means—he has been gentler and more kind to me than any man I have ever known.

Before Max. Even though it's clear he wants me far away from him and his brothers, Max has fought for me, stolen for me, and even killed to keep me safe. 

These three men have a strange and secret past, one they aren't sharing with me. But that's fine, because once I get my marker back, I'll be out of their hair and long gone... assuming I find a way to get more then ten yards from Jason without my body yearning for more of him.

I have to get out of here, because I've been called a lot of things in my life, but Queen isn't one of them.  

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Awakened by Wolves (full-length novel) is the second book in the paranormal reverse harem romance Shifter Moon series from USA Today bestselling author Fiona Starr. Fall into the world of Shifter Moon where magic reigns, wolves run wild, and prophecies foretell the destiny of all.

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